Engineered to perform

All our pieces are made from engineered rigid paperboard.
This material contains no harmful components and utilises water-based adhesives, meaning it can be recycled as paper.
Featuring an engineered 'closed-cell' fluted core, the board is exceptionally strong yet lightweight and durable. 

Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, it is ideal for display advertising, point of sale marketing and for exhibitions and events.


Easy to assemble and transport.


At least 70% lighter than MDF equivalent.


Engineered & designed for load-bearing applications.


Save time & money.


100% repulpable. Recycle as paper in normal waste paper streams.


FSC accredited,  contains no harmful components. 

Our main supplier is also the first manufacturer in the world to independently measure their CO2 emission
16mm CO2 emission/SQM = 2kg, based on CEPI and ISO 14040 guidelines.


A beautiful marriage of natural brown core sandwiched between crisp white paper laminate. 
The surface is fully printable and the vibrant white really makes your brand colours and message pop.
We use this material in 10mm and 16mm thicknesses. 


The choice for an organic, earthy look & feel that really underlines a message of sustainability.
We use this material in 10mm and 16mm thicknesses.