Is that really made from cardboard?

All our pieces are made from recycled, ethically sourced material. In turn, they are themselves fully recyclable and in most cases, repulpable - meaning they will eventually be reincarnated as something else useful.
The majority of the items are made from what is essentially cardboard. Post consumer cardboard waste is recycled and used to manufacture a composite fibreboard.

This board is used by many different industries in a multitude of applications (e.g. retail displays, shop-fitting, signage) - but for our purposes, we convert it into the furniture and accessories available in our shop.

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A beautiful marriage of natural brown core sandwiched between crisp white paper laminate. We use this material in 6mm, 10mm and 16mm thicknesses. 


The choice for an organic, earthy look & feel that really underlines a message of sustainability.
We use this material in 6mm, 10mm and 16mm thicknesses.


Clean, crisp and pristine - the all white option is a more premium product offering.
Only available in 16mm thickness.


An exquisite material, products finished in black really need to be seen to be truly appreciated.
Only available in 16mm thickness.

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Crafted with care

Exceptionally designed and engineered - each piece we select for inclusion in our portfolio is carefully crafted on a foundation of sustainability and performance. 

Quality approved

Each item is handmade and assembled prior to leaving our workshop. As such, it comes with the Apple Tree Company's stamp of approval - your personal assurance of quality, sustainability and a guarantee that your beautifully crafted piece is fit for purpose.

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